Sourcing and blending the right cocoa beans

It all starts with creating the cuvée (or the blend) from the right cocoa beans.

Our chocolate gets its spicy and fruity notes from a perfect composition made with delicate beans from Peru and rare Arriba cocoa beans.

Cocoa beans come directly from farms in Peru and Ecuador, supporting sustainable practices and local economic development.



Similar to coffee, roasting cocoa requires special care and expertise.

The beans are spread flat and roasted in small batches at low temperatures to preserve the fruity chocolate notes and reduce acidity.

The aroma is incredible!



After roasting, the beans need to be inspected, cleaned, and separated from the husks.

Only the kernels (or nibs) are used for chocolate. those are the seeds of the cocoa and it is precisely there that all the flavors and the many healthy antioxidants are packed.



Our beans are then grounded with steel balls and conched in the chonche machine under temperature and air pressure.

The 4-day grinding process helps to develop an incredible aroma and transforms the beans first into a paste and then into a fine, rich liquid chocolate that everyone loves.

The sweetener is added as well as the flavor ingredients. Our Bean to Bar line was inspired by traditional Austrian flavors, such as pumpkin seeds and black currant.



A sign of high-quality chocolate is a snap you hear when breaking a chocolate bar.

This is achieved through a special process called tempering. For this, the liquid chocolate must be brought to a specific temperature to initiate the crystallization of cocoa butter. Only with the right crystal structure can you achieve the perfect snap when breaking.

The production of chocolate is as much art as it is science.



Now it's time to pour the chocolate into molds. This step needs to be done quickly before the chocolate starts to harden.

This process is meticulously done by hand, following the highest standards of chocolatier craftsmanship. Our bars finally take shape.



Each chocolate bar is quality checked before being packaged.

Our bars are carefully wrapped by hand in recyclable gold foil, then enclosed in special paper sleeves to protect them and preserve their quality and flavor.