Schokobold uses Maltitol

Living healthier does not mean giving up delicious chocolate.

At Schokobold, we're passionate about crafting the best tasting chocolate that is also good for our well-being.

We know that cutting sugars brings a lot of benefits like stabilizing sugar levels, minimizing energy crashes, reducing inflammation and prevents tooth decay.

For that reason we sweeten our chocolate with Maltitol. It  is a natural sweetener derived from fermented grains, offering the delightful sweetness we love in chocolate, minus the drawbacks of refined sugar. Its lower glycemic index ensures a gentler effect on blood sugar levels.

Unlike other sugar substitutes, Maltitol intensifies the taste of chocolate

For us, chocolate should be an indulgence that's kind to both the palate and the body. Our chocolates, sweetened with maltit, embrace this philosophy, delivering the exquisite taste we adore while supporting a healthier lifestyle with its balanced sweetness.

Schokobold is  Keto-diet friendly and can be consumed by people with diabetes.