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Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, no Added Sugar. 45% Cocoa

Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, no Added Sugar. 45% Cocoa


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Milk chocolate infused with finely roasted hazelnut paste gives this chocolate a creamy, indulgent consistency. The high cocoa content brings out the taste of the bean.

With a cocoa content of 45%, our milk chocolate has a significantly higher cocoa content than most other milk chocolates. We achieve this particularly high cocoa content by using a small proportion of Criollo cocoa and adding the temperamental Forastero cocoa beans, both of which are grown in the Sambirano Valley near Ambanja in Madagascar.

This chocolate is suitable for diabetics and anyone who wants to have less refined sugar in their diet.


Süßungsmittel: Maltitol, Kakaomasse, Kakaobutter, Haselnusspaste, Vollmilchpulver, Emulgator: Sojalecithin, natürliches Aroma.

Allergeninformation: Milch, Haselnüsse, Soja. Kann Spuren von Gluten und anderen Nüssen enthalten. Bei übermäßigem Verzehr kann es abführend wirken.

100 g enthalten: 528 kcal/2212 kJ; Fett 42 g, davon 22 g sind gesunde Fettsäuren; Kohlenhydrate 41 g, davon Zucker 7 g; Eiweiß 8 g, Salz 0,16 g.

Gewicht: 40 g.


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Mila Strpanovich

Delicious milk chocolate taste with roasted nuts. Excellent quality