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The Classic, just better. Hot-Chocolate without Added Sugar. Vegan

The Classic, just better. Hot-Chocolate without Added Sugar. Vegan


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The classic. Just better.

Immerse yourself in our hot chocolate, a reinterpretation of the classic that impresses with its unmistakable taste - and without any added sugar.

Our secret lies in the use of Criollo fine flavor cocoa beans. This fine flavor cocoa is even referred to as the "king of cocoa" due to its outstanding taste and aroma and is grown especially for fine flavor chocolate.

The Fair Direct Criollo fine flavor cocoa beans from Peru are not only a revelation in taste, but also a symbol of our commitment to fair trade and the highest quality.

Our hot chocolate is produced without refined sugar. Instead, we use maltose, a natural alternative that is rich in fiber and helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Perfect for anyone who wants less added sugar in their diet. 

Discover the pure joy of chocolate without the disadvantages of refined sugar. Welcome to the world of drinking cocoa from Schokobold - a real treat that redefines the classic.

This hot chocolate is suitable for diabetics and vegans. 

Serving recommendation: 3Tsp / 150ml milk of your choice, with a milk frother.  
The classic just better. 350g


Süssungsmittel*, Kakao**, Maisstärke

*Maltitol gewonnen aus der Maltose, kann bei übermäßigem Verzehr abführend wirken

**Gewonnen aus Fair Direct Criollo Edelkakaobohnen aus dem Gebiet Satipo-Junin in Peru


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